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you are about to bid on an..

Atari VCS 2600, 33 games, and more!

First 15 2600 games The other 18 2600 games
Description of this package :

This package includes an Atari VCS 2600 (four-switch model), with all hookups, five joysticks, one set of paddle controllers, two racing controllers, two video touchpads, a Telegames game Center, a misc. game rack, and 33 Atari 2600 games.

The Telegames center allows for the storage of 27 games, two joysticks, and the unit itself which rests atop of it. The misc. game holder has room for 16 Atari game carts.

Condition of these items :

The Atari 2600 has no box or booklet. The unit is as most other units of this age are - wear 'n tear can be found, and scratches can be seen in some areas. It works without flaw, however. Along with it comes the A/C adaptor and a RF Mudulator. The joysticks work well, only two seeming stiff. The video touchpads are in working condition, as are the paddle/racing controllers. All games' labels are in decent condition, only a few being torn or worn away. Pole Position includes the box and book, both of which are in very good condition. One of the Star Raiders carts also has the manual. The Telegames Center and the misc. Atari game holder are essentially in the same condition as the system itself.

Atari 2600, Telegames Center, a 16 game holder, and more.

Games you will be receiving :
Demon Attack
Yars' Revenge
Video Pinball
Demons to Diamonds
Super Cobbra
Mouse Trap
Moon Patrol
River Raid
Space Invaders
Robot Tank
Pole Position (With box and manual)
Swordquest: Earthworld
Sports Challenge Football
California Games
Space Attack
Chopper Command
Planet Patrol
Star Raiders (2 copies, 1 w/manual)
Air-Sea Battle
Missle Command

Joysticks, paddle controllers, driving controllers, touch-pads.

    Bidding, Shipping, and Payments :

  • Bid all you want... There is no reserve on this auction!
  • I accept money orders and personal/cashiers checks only.
  • I am ONLY able to ship within the United States.
  • Shipping and handling charge is $15, and the package will be sent via USPS 2/3 day Priority Mail.
The entire bundle

    Contact and other info :

  • Please feel free to contact me at
  • ..or ICQ: 1739912.

    That's about all.. Happy bidding!
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