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AustinJCMB: So.. you like her?
AustinJCMB: yo
Mikedfd2k: who
Mikedfd2k: who do i like
AustinJCMB: Jaclyn
AustinJCMB: I mean, that's what Victoria told me.
AustinJCMB: It's cool and all, though.
Mikedfd2k: ummm, i never said anything to her about that
Mikedfd2k: she's jumping to conclusions
AustinJCMB: I don't know. That's what she said. We were talking before class, earlier.
Mikedfd2k: i like her as much as any straight guy would, I'm not as obssessed as you are
AustinJCMB: I'm sorry she's the only one I like right now.. sheesh.
Mikedfd2k: ya the only one your obssessing over
AustinJCMB: Dude
AustinJCMB: wtf
AustinJCMB: why are you being a dick?
AustinJCMB: I'm not pissed or anything.
Mikedfd2k: is it not true
Mikedfd2k: you did think about it constantly
AustinJCMB: Yes, I did think about it constantly.
AustinJCMB: I could kind of tell, too. You guys are really outgoing around one-another.
AustinJCMB: Whatever happens, happens, in my book. It doesn't really matter.
AustinJCMB: (anymore)
AustinJCMB: since she talked to me.
AustinJCMB: You know?
Mikedfd2k: yes
AustinJCMB: It's just that, I'm confused, because there are other things *supposedly* you guys are keeping from me.
AustinJCMB: Like your little 'secret.'
AustinJCMB: And damn you! You shouldn't joke about Messiah!
AustinJCMB: :-)
Mikedfd2k: messiah sucks
AustinJCMB: haha
AustinJCMB: Anyways
Mikedfd2k: AvP is cool
AustinJCMB: Yeah
AustinJCMB: Anyways, so..
AustinJCMB: How about you tell me?
Mikedfd2k: ok
Mikedfd2k: we are not outgoing
AustinJCMB: What do you mean?
AustinJCMB: You guys seem to talk pretty easily with one-another..
AustinJCMB: And the whole talking on the phone for an hour with her last night--that's another example.
Mikedfd2k: you said we are all outgoing near each other
Mikedfd2k: maybe we are just not as shallow as you
AustinJCMB: Shallow?
Mikedfd2k: ya i did that with molli too