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Sega Genesis, 32X, Sega CD, and 75 games

First 18 Genesis games The other 22 Genesis games (Four loose)
Description of this package :

This package includes a Sega Genesis (Second generation), Sega CD (Second model) and a 32X, along with 75 games (Greatly varied in different genres). Also included is the X-Band modem, three 3-button control pads, and the controller extension cord.

Condition of these items :

The Genesis includes the box & manual, along with all hookups (Not shown in pictures); The 32X includes the box and hookups; The Sega CD has the hookups only - no box or manual. The majority of the games come with the box 'n docs, and only a few are without a manual, or completely loose. Most CDs are scratchless. Some carts and boxes have label damage from previous owners. The system will come with both kinds of video cords, an RF switch and composite cables.

The Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, X-Band, and Extention Cord.  Virtua Fighter not included

Games you will be receiving :
Genesis games, complete:

Atomic Robo Kid
Bubba 'n Stix
Cyborg Justice
Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Dune: The Battle for Arrakis
Earthworm Jim
Fatal Rewind
The Incredible Hulk
John Madden Football
Light Crusader
Mazin Saga: Mutant Fighter
Maximum Carnage
Mortal Kombat 3
Rocket Knight Adventures
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sorcerer's Kingdom
Space Harrier 2
Strider II: Strider Returns
Thunder Force II
Vectorman 2
Warlock (Not in picture)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (In big box)

Genesis games with box, but no manual:

Eternal Champions
The King of Monsters 2
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat 2
Primal Rage
Soldiers of Fortune
Sword of Vermilion

Genesis games, loose:

Whip Rush (Import)
Sonic & Knuckles
Twin Cobra

32X games (All complete):

After Burner
Corpse Killer (32X CD)
Cosmic Carnage
Fred Couples's Great 32 Holes Golf
Metal Head
Mortal Kombat II
NBA Jam T.E.
Shadow Squadron
Space Harrier
Supreme Warrior (32X CD; Two CDs long)
Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000

Sega CD games (Most are complete):

Amazing Spiderman Vs. The Kingpin
Android Assault
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck
Double Switch
Ecco the Dolphin
Eternal Champions CD (2 Copies)
Jaguar XJ220 (Loose)
Lords of Thunder
Mansion of Hidden Souls
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
Robo Aleste
Sega Arcade Classics 5 in 1 (Loose)
Sewer Shark (Loose - 2 copies)
Shadow of the Beast 2
Sonic CD
Space Ace (Loose)
Ultraverse Prime / Microcosm (2 CDs long)

The 32X games you will receive Sega CD games you will receive
    Bidding, Shipping, and Payments :

  • Bid all you want... There is no reserve on this auction!
  • I accept money orders and personal checks only.
  • I am ONLY able to ship within the United States.
  • Shipping and handling charge is $15, and the package will be sent via USPS 2/3 day Priority Mail.
The entire bundle

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