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JFPN Chat, 3/15/00:

Kevin, Jesse, Dan@AVC, Mezmaron, Addie, `cudaman, Freds, EThunter, Carl, Scott, Marhsall, JaguarGod, Graphics Man, AtarinSun, kevgret, gbouray, Jagman and more...

K3V: Hey, this page has ads coming out the wazoo now, eh?
DanAVC: jagman, are you going to submit articles for the fest issue?
Jagman: yeah I noticed! their taking over! Aiee!
K3V: No, never heard 'em, Jagman...but I did break my nose at the H2O concert on saturday!
Jagman: Dan: probably, nothing definte tho
kevgret: how is everyone tonight? everyone awaiting their battleshpere confirmation like I am?
DanAVC: jagman, have you seen the post in the newsgroups about coping the jag CD's?
agman: ok, I should be getting lots of illegal operations as usual with this old piece of junk...
gbouray: Yes I am. I want to ask Carl about the release date for Hyperforce.
`cuda man: hello everyone!
Jagman: No Dan, I don't really check Newsgroups anymore..
DanAVC: yeah kevgret, still waiting for my conformation
Jagman: whats that all about? Hey Cudaman, glad you can join us again
cuda man: thanks Jagman. Glad to be here
DanAVC: heygb and cudaman
Jagman: hello gbouray and kevgret (who are you guys?
kevgret: I am a fellow jagger from around 95 or so... I regularly read interactive II
kevgret: I read about the chat so I figured I would drop on in...
gbouray: Hello Jagman and Everybody i am a silent reader and sometime poster on Jaguar interactive.
Jagman: oh post much? or under a different alias?
DanAVC: where are you from kevgret?
Jagman: So your from the Magical Fox days I take it? or even before that?
kevgret: I really dont post much... this has been my handle since 93.. I have just about evey jag game out there..
kevgret: I am from New Jersey...
gbouray: I post every once in a while, under gbouray
Jagman: Ahh...
gbouray: I have every game made, I live in Kansas City
kevgret: I still need a few... but all I want now is BS...
Jagman: Glad you could come at anyrate..the more the better :) oldbies and newbies alike :)
gbouray: Amen to that!
kevgret: thanks.. its good to see the jag still around actually
gbouray: I've been following you guys since the magical fox days.
gbouray: I bought my first Jag in 1994 at Venture.
DanAVC: I'm waiting for BS also, than I'll prob order protecor from gooddealgames and pick up skyhammer either at the fest or CGE2k
kevgret: when is skyhammer officially avail?
DanAVC: I remember the magical fox days too
Jagman: SkyHammer should be available in May
DanAVC: I think some time after hyperforce comes out
gbouray: I have preordered all of Carl's games, and am waiting for Hperforce to show up in my Jagman: I didn't get soccer kid because I have the 3DO one, and just couldn't afford it...too anythings going on right now...
`cuda man: Dang! Skyhammer isn't too far away. I need to get off my lazy butt and preorder it soon :)
Jagman: many things that should saiy
Jagman: SKyHammer is going to be awesome...
DanAVC: I didn't want to preorder because I didn't feel like buying stuff at that time
DanAVC: also becuse he didn't accept credit cards
gbouray: Yes I can't wait for Skyhammer either
DanAVC: seen a preview copy of fest'99 looked good
kevgret: how about bret hull hockey?
DanAVC: meant at fest'99
gbouray: I like using PayPal, it works just great
`cuda man: How similar is SkyHammer to Descent? I recently became a big fan of the Descent and from what I have heard SkyHammer has some similarities.
Jagman: ...hopefully Carl can make it to the chat :-)
`cuda man: the Descent series I mean
DanAVC: I don't really trust paypal becuase it's new and I heard some bad things about it
Marshall: Hello all...
`cuda man: Hey Marshall!
Jagman: While i haven't played SkyHammer looks very similar in many aspects to Decent...
Jagman: Hello Marshall
gbouray: Doom II on the Saturn?
Addie: How is everyone doing?
Jagman: Doom was a pretty horribly port on Saturn IMO
Jagman: Hello Addie..
Marshall: Yeah, the Saturn version of DOOM has Ultimate DOOM and DOOM II on it. Sounds good until you get to the frame rate, which is pretty horrid. Cool 'music' though.
Jagman: Horrible I mean...many I can't type today! sheesh
Marshall: Yeah, in some way it's even worse than the 3DO version...
Jagman: man, rather, Argh
DanAVC: hey addie
Jagman: and the 3DO one is pretty bad!
Marshall: Exactly ;)
Addie: So any idea on when we get Battlesphere?
gbouray: I did not know that Ultimate Doom -&- Doom II were on the same game as Doom.
Marshall: Heh, I'm just trying to figure out how I'm going to pay for it :P
Jagman: At least Saturn had a great port of Duke 3D, a lot better than the PSX
DanAVC: give stef some time, she's doing all the work her self
Addie: Yea, I saw her post about her medical condition
Marshall: I think the Playstation version of DOOM is the same way. Yeah, Duke on Saturn is great. It was done by the same guys who did Powerslave and Quake on Saturn, Lobotomy.
DanAVC: I know the feeling too, when I have to rush out to get the fanzine copied and mailed out
Jagman: Yeah Labotomy was great...I think there is an interview with one of the guys on sega dojo or somewhere
K3V: Evening, gents :-)
gbouray: Addie, Stef said hopefully by the end of the week
DanAVC: he's back
Marshall: Whatever happened to Lobotomy? Hey K3V!
Jagman: wb Kev =)
`cuda man: Hey Kevin!
Jagman: The company went under or got bought out ro something
Jagman: Kevin, Sporting the Atari Fuji ;-)
K3V: Sup guys....hey Marshall, did you ever get my e-mail about Final Fight Guy?
Marshall: Too bad. They had definite talent.
K3V: Gott have the fuji, man!
DanAVC: jagman, you must be tired, all those typos he he :)
Marshall: I believe I recall receiving it a while back. Sorry I didn't reply, my life has been chaos for the last couple weeks or so...
K3V: I caught your post on Rog's board. Just let me know if you're ever interested.
Jagman: (I usually don't type so horrible, but this computer I am on has a terrible lag between the time you press a key and when its actually displayed so its very annoying :))
Songbird: Good evening!
DanAVC: marshall, heard about your 7800 going belly up.
K3V: flashback from Cheers...CARL!
AtarianSun: Hello everyone.
gbouray: Hello Carl!
Marshall: Will do. Still trying to find a job right now...
Jagman: Greets Carl! Green doesn't work btw :)
Songbird: OK
K3V: So when can we expect HyperForce, Carl?
DanAVC: carl, I know I'm going end up seeing you at CGE2k(yes I'm going) any plans on attending fest2k?
Songbird: So, Kevin, how do you manage to track down more unreleased Jag stuff than I can? =)
Songbird: Sorry, my anniversary is the weekend of JF2K...
Songbird: My apologies on the HF delay. I'm out of town on emergency business ATM.
DanAVC: whats more important your wedding anerversy or the jaguar
Songbird: I hope to ship the carts next week.
Scott: Get your priorities straight Carl!
K3V: I've got connections, man! hahaha! Well, not really, I just get pretty lucky I guess ;-) Hull CD was a great item to get.
Addie: I can't wait for Hyperforce - It looks good!
Jagman: totally understandable
DanAVC: hey scott
Scott: Hey Kev, Carl, Dan, everyone.
Jagman: hey scott
Songbird: It's very cool to see so much Jag activity this year, eh?
Jagman: quite a full house already eh?
Songbird: Hi, Scott.
K3V: Scott, don't be using my Text color man! J/K
Jagman: Carl: most definitley!
`cuda man: Hey Scott!
gbouray: Yes, it is Excellent!
ETHunter: Hello everybody!
K3V: Yeah, it's GREAT to have so much Jag stuff happening...all these new releases and a lot of proto stuff has been popping up lately too.
Jagman: never thought it would be so strong!
DanAVC: I use my jag to run my supercharger games for my 2600
Jesse: I can't wait for Hyper Force...
ETHunter: KEVIN!!!!!
DanAVC: at least until I get BS
Songbird: Hi, Micah!
Jagman: Welcome
Jesse: Hmm... I guess EE is to close to FF to make a color change. Oops.
DanAVC: ET phone home (sorry couldn't ressist)
Scott: Hey Micah.
CAPTAIN_Flag: Back off little man (K3V) that's my parnter you're talking too...
AtarianSun: I'm very excited about the Jag releases this year! I hope we see more after these next three.
ETHunter: Hi Carl
K3V: So has everyone gotten their copies of Street Fighter Alpha for the Jag? hehehe
ETHunter: Hi Scott
Songbird: Guess a lot of people wanted to chat after all. ;-)
Jagman: btw I am manually logging this will take a lot of time editing it though, ..
Jesse: When Carl calls, I answer.
Scott: got mine kevin but I don't have the box, got an extra one?
Marshall: Heh, yeah, I've got mine on order ;)
Jesse: *smirk*
AtarianSun: It's been a long time since I've been in this chat room.
Jesse: *smirk*
DanAVC: well I'm going leave in about an hour
K3V: I'll look and see if I have any in my closet, Scott ;-)
Jesse: *smirk*
Songbird: Happy Days are here again. =)
Marshall: Hi Carl. Got shut down for a minute...
Scott: your posts sure are fast kevin, must be that new cable modem.
Songbird: When will Kevin buy us all cable modems?
Jesse: (I didn't intend to emote that expression three times.)
K3V: Yeah, refresh chat flies with cable modem! WOOHOO!
DanAVC: miach, going make fest2k this year?
AtarianSun: Nope, Atarian Sun is Brian Gudzevich, webmaster of The Atarian Atmosphere and Atarian Sun Developments. :-)
Songbird: Did you guys see my BS review today?
Jesse: I think that Sam Tramiel's son is the AtarianSon, right? Or is that Son of Sam?
K3V: I'll buy a cable modem for anyone who can get me a copy of Tiny Toons for tha Jag.
ETHunter: I plan on it, Dan
DanAVC: Cable modems rules. I said it was a guess
Addie: Yes Carl, good review, can't wait to get BS
AtarianSun: Correct Jagman. :-)
Jagman: yes carl...nice review
DanAVC: cool hope to see you there
Scott: I already have a cable modem Kev, what else you got to trade for Tiny Toons?
Jesse: I saw the BS review... it was fun to read!
K3V: Carl, you mind if I add your BS review to the Jaguar Review Archive on JD?
Songbird: Better watch what you promise, Kev. ;-)
K3V: I'll trade you three and a half hamsters for it, Scott.
Songbird: Go for it!
Scott: with duck tape??
K3V: Hmmm...sure, I'll throw in some duck tape too.
DanAVC: let me addmend my statement about cable modems: they rule at least until you get DSL connected to house(I'm on cable modem but waiting for DSL)
Songbird: OK, who's ready for a bit of Jag news?
CAPTAIN_Flag: sure
ETHunter: I am!
gbouray: I am!
Addie: Bring it on!
DanAVC: like what carl?
Songbird: Before I left town, I did receive and tested...
K3V: I'm always ready for Jag news!!
AtarianSun: I'm ready!
Jesse: They aren't even gonna have cable (modem ability) here until May...
Jagman: no me carl :)
ETHunter: tested what??
Songbird: It's built into a regular joypad, and can be enabled/disabled with a button press.
ETHunter: where can I get one?
Jesse: Wow... interesting.
Songbird: I immediately tried it out on Raiden and Zero 5, and it makes both games MUCH better!
AtarianSun: Cool! Where did you get that?
Scott: Have you played Zero 5 with it Carl?
gbouray: Sounds interesting!
Songbird: Any other obvious button-masher games I should test it on?
K3V: Sounds like a hack-job of Scott's to me ;-)
DanAVC: I knew that scott told me about that an AVC net meeting
`cuda man: hey now that sounds pretty cool!
Jagman: does it have a controllable speed?
Jesse: What games did you test it with?
Songbird: Songbird will be selling Rapid Fire Controllers for the Jaguar by summer. No release date yet.
Scott: Hey, I represent that!!
Addie: How about cybermorph/battlemorph
K3V: Test it Trevor McFur! That's why I'll buy the controller ;-)
ETHunter: what is the projected cost?
CAPTAIN_Flag: haha...
Jagman: That should be VERY useful for a lot of Jag games :)
Songbird: Of course! How could I forget the furball game? Anyone have one to loan me?
Jesse: McFur is my last name, you know... Jesse McFur...
K3V: Whoops! I should reserve my comments about Scott's hack jobs until he gets my Hull CD working...
Scott: No, I used mine to scrape ice off the windshield during the last storm.
Jagman: haha
Jesse: heh
DanAVC: will there be a demo at cge2k(unless your loaning it out to scott for fest2k)
Scott: It works great Kevin, too bad you can't see it! hahahaha
ETHunter: too late Kev!
K3V: You get many ice storms down in Texas??
Songbird: I hope to have RFC's in stock before CGE2K.
K3V: Oh no! I'm S.O.L. now!
Jesse: I bought my Jag in Jan/Feb 94... and I knew even then that Trevor was a game only for the diehards (or rich)...
Scott: Do you like the location of the button Carl?
Songbird: There are two buttons (so the player can select A or B for Rapid Fire), and I think they're sufficiently out of the way but still easy to reach.
K3V: I think I'll wait for the DKG rapid fire controller, rather than have to buy something Scott created.
Jagman: Will there be a Pro Controller version ? or are those too HTF?
Jagman: Kev: haha yea me too!
Songbird: You do that, Kev. Test it on SFA for me, thanks.
Jesse: Sounds great, then. Any other forthcoming Jag items that we don't know about?
K3V: No prob! I'll get right on that.
Songbird: I won't be offering a Pro version unless someone finds a big stockpile of cheap controllers.
DanAVC: carl, I know that you read the newsgroups, did you see the post about coping the jag CD's and whats your thought on that.
Jesse: Hmmm...
Songbird: I haven't read the newsgroups lately.
DanAVC: oh I thought you might have seen that
AtarianSun: I had a distraction here, did anyone say anything about an expected price?
Songbird: And now for a tiny bit of Lynx news...
Marshall: I need a Jaguar arcade stick ;)
DanAVC: now what
Marshall: Hmmm...
Songbird: No official price yet, but it will be under $40 (I'm expecting lower).
AtarianSun: Oh good, that's not bad.
Songbird: Since I have nothing else to do, I've started work on a Star Raiders type game on the Lynx.
DanAVC: cool
Jesse: *grin* That'll be awesome!
Songbird: This isn't just a pipe dream -- I've already got a scrolling starfield, 3D-scaled animated debris, and the crosshair controls all programmed and running.
Jagman: awesome!
Scott: Yea, you've been slacking off quite a bit lately Carl, bought time you got back to something interesting!
K3V: Nothing else to do...LOL. That rocks, though, Carl. Maybe you can call it BattleSphere Jr. ;-)
Songbird: I figure it's about time some action games come out on the Lynx. =)
`cuda man: hmmm sounds like another good reason for me to get a Lynx someday :)
AtarianSun: Great! That would be a perfect addition to the Lynxes library!
ETHunter: that is very cool
Jesse: Carl, do you expect the coding to be more or less difficult than was Ponx?
Scott: Make sure its 8 player.
Songbird: At a minimum, it will be an arcade-style fight endless waves of baddies. At best, it would be a proper Star Raiders clone with map, strategy, etc.
Marshall: Is this using a new 3D engine or something recently acquired ;)
Songbird: I think 8 players is out. I _might_ go for two players.
Songbird: In many ways, the coding will be easier -- SFX and Ponx both suffered from my lack of experience on the Lynx.
DanAVC: any release date and cost on the lynx game(so I could update my list in the fanzine in the next issue)
Scott: That sounds great, are you developing on a Howard system now?
Jesse: Aha... so the difficulty of the coding depends on how much you put into the game... Do you have a title yet?
Songbird: This is brand new code, all by yours truly.
K3V: I won't buy it unless it's at least 1,024 player Comlynxable.
TheGraphicsMan: coOl
Jesse: ahh yes... one cannot discount the all-important experience factor...
Songbird: Now that I know the Lynx, it only took a few hours to get the aforementioned features running. And the code is my cleanest to date on the Lynx!
Songbird: OK, Kev and Scott are out. Anyone actually want this game? =)
Jagman: Hey GMan
Scott: Hey Terrance!
Jesse: very cool.
DanAVC: hey terrence
K3V: Greetz, GraphicsMan!
Songbird: Working title: Planar Wars 3D. =)
Scott: Two player is ok as long as I can play over a modem.
Marshall: How's Gorf Pluz coming along GraphicsMan?
Jesse: *taking notes*
K3V: Nice.
Jagman: what ever happend to Planar Wars anyhow? hehe
K3V: Gotta be a cable modem though...none of these cheap phone-line dealies.
Scott: agreed
Songbird: Planar Wars got put on hold because, again, the code was too messy to really use. I'd need to start over, and in some ways, the graphics and control are easier...
TheGraphicsMan: Hello evreyone I was CAPTAIN Flag, but I guess you guyz don't know the character name of the flagship!
AtarianSun: Great! I'm glad to see Planar Wars is back!
Songbird: ... doing pseudo-3D than overhead stuff. Fewer objects to manage.
DanAVC: thanks for the clear up gman.
TheGraphicsMan: excellent Marshall
Jagman: Oops :)
Songbird: Also, for you Lynx fans, I will have a SLEW of Ultra Vortex pics up soon!
DanAVC: cool
Jesse: Hmm... for sound effects are you going to try to use original sounds or sounds which pay homage to Star Raiders? (either digitized or merely simulated)
Jagman: that video on Atarihq of UV for Lynx looks awesome...
Marshall: Excellent! I know Ultra VorteX has a hand-drawn look while Ultra VorteK suffers from MK-itis. Is the character design any better?
TheGraphicsMan: I got another AI running Scott, everyone; Next will be GORF him himself, haha... :)
Jesse: I can't wait for the Ultra Vortex pics...
TheGraphicsMan: I got another boss AI running Scott, everyone; Next will be GORF him himself, haha... :)
Songbird: Yes, UV on the Lynx has more of a cartoony look to it. The two characters (only two, sorry) seem well animated.
Songbird: I haven't decided on PW3D audio yet.
DanAVC: will UV on lync be comlyxable?
Songbird: BTW, here's the new working title for UV on the Lynx: Ultravore.
Jesse: *nod* thanks.
Songbird: Yes, I'd assert it has to be comlynxable to really be fun.
TheGraphicsMan: Are their any plans to improve the animation, Carl?
TheGraphicsMan: Are their any plans to improve the animation, Carl? DanAVC: meant lynx
Songbird: Improve what animation?
Marshall: Only two? Is that *2* playable characters or *2* total characters?
DanAVC: thats cool. back to the star raiders clone for while, no release date planned yet
Songbird: The current beta of UV only had two characters fully animated and coded. There were plans for other characters, and I've been searching for any related files.
Jesse: Good luck in your search.
Scott: Do you have some lynx titles coming out soon Carl?
Addie: How far are you along with gorf pluz?
Songbird: No release date on PW3D. I am hoping to have Cybervirus and another third party game ready for CGE2K, however.
Scott: I was thinking that UV for the lynx was complete.
TheGraphicsMan: Improving the animation in UV characters that are not as well animated as the two characters that is.
AtarianSun: Well, I'm sure UV will be fun, even if it has to have just two charecters. :-)
Songbird: No, Ultravore is far from complete. Call it 50%.
DanAVC: another 3rd party game? are trying keep a secret from us?
Songbird: I'm really looking forward to CGE2K -- I hope a lot of you can make it.
AtarianSun: I wish I could go to CGE2K, there's always a lot of good stuff for sale there.
Jagman: I really wish I could....
TheGraphicsMan: all the AI is 80+% complete it's just a matter of putting them in their proper homes -&- finishing up the INVADER boss AI -&- starting an completing the GORF himself AI, etc...
K3V: I'm JagFesting it again this year, so no CGE for me.
Songbird: You'll see a BIG stack of Jag/Lynx stuff at the Songbird table... imagine seeing a few dozen Protectors, Skyhammers, etc. =)
DanAVC: I'm there plane tickets,hotel booked(staying at riveria)
Addie: Is there going to be a classic gorf or other play modes?
Scott: We need to get a 16 jag network of BS running at JagFest.
Marshall: How are the other two modes of G2K coming along?
Songbird: I would love to see a 4+ player BS network. Too bad JF2K couldn't be a different weekend...
ETHunter: that
Scott: gorf classic, gorf pluz, and gorf 3d
TheGraphicsMan: it rocks
DanAVC: I'm doing double duty this year(fest in june CGE in july)
K3V: No doubt, Scott. I'll have a BS and Catbox there for the Network.
ETHunter: that's what I want, Scott
TheGraphicsMan: it rocksall mode will rock!
Marshall: If I'm able, I'll bring my Jags and Catboxes. It all depends on alot of little factors (some of them not so little ;)
K3V: The 5 player network of an incomplete version of BS was a blast at JF97, so the complete version should rule!
DanAVC: I hope to bring my little attachement at fest that will let you coonect the jaguar to the supercharger of the 2600
ETHunter: I'll have TWO catboxes there, one more than Kevin, but probably only one monitor
JaguarGod: Just got finished moving into a new house, whats going on in the Jag community?
Addie: Gorf sounds good, any progress on the other modes?
JaguarGod: New Lynx games! ?
DanAVC: I hope to have a doom competion at the fest for atarimania
Scott: I too will have more catboxes there than Kevin.
K3V: But will you have HullCD there Micah?
K3V: Scott will have HullCD ;-)
AtarianSun: Well, I wish I could stay longer, but I have some things to do. Good night everyone!
Scott: I'll have mine running Kev, how about you?
Jesse: Goodnight AS!
ETHunter: No, but I will have TWO JVM's there!!!
Jagman: later Brian
DanAVC: btw: if your wondering about my homebrew 2600 game, it's still in the works
K3V: No, you'll only be able to look at mine and wonder what it's like to actually play it.
TheGraphicsMan: yes, classic, pluz, 2k is moving along very, very well.
ETHunter: You can't even play it!
Scott: are you using an emulator Dan to program the 2600?
DanAVC: carl still here
Songbird: Is Krunch actively coding on G2K?
K3V: I think we all have a problem. We need to go to Jagu-Therapy.
Jesse: Do you have a release date (month? year?) for Gorf 2K?
DanAVC: I tried to run the new pcae but it didn't work for me
Jesse: I don't need no Jagu-Therapy!
Scott: G2K is looking really good lately, the pc version is playable.
Songbird: Oh no! Jagu-speech strikes again!
DanAVC: I still have the old version saved on the CD
DanAVC: I also have a stella CD v2
Marshall: Anything on Legion Force Jidai GraphicsMan?
K3V: hahahaa! I was wondering if you'd catch that, Carl.
Mezmaron: Hey all
DanAVC: which I play on my jag connected to my supercharger on my 2600
K3V: Yeah, G2K is sweet ;-)
Jesse:My Jagu-Navel wants to go to be, but I'm going to stay here a bit...
Jesse: +d
ETHunter: See ya Cuda man
TheGraphicsMan: I'm slowly starting to work on that again, Marshall.
K3V: Later 'cuda
K3V: Woohoo! News flash!
DanAVC: well, I'm going to go too
Jesse: (I love it when he says that... it always means something cool)
ETHunter: more?
Jagman: geez
DanAVC: bye guys
Songbird: Songbird has acquired the complete source to Virtual VCS for the Jaguar. No time to work on it now, though. :)
TheGraphicsMan: K3K how do you know if G2k is sweet?! ;)
Scott: Carl when do you sleep?
Jesse: woohoo!
K3V: K3K...who's that?
Songbird: If I wanted to sleep, I wouldn't be chatting now I guess. ;-)
ETHunter: bye dan
TheGraphicsMan: It must be you (K3V) becuase answer it!
Scott: KEK, are you changing your name again?
TheGraphicsMan: It must be you (K3V) becuase answer it!haha...
Songbird: K3K = Kevin 3000.
Jesse: K3K = Korf 3000
K3V: I'm now 3K3 actually
Scott: Is the VCS source clean enough to add to it?
Addie: Just redirect to songbird
K3V: Steve let me check it out a while back, Terance ;-)
Jagman: Virutal VCS has a cool title screen :)
Songbird: Yes, I would expect the emulator could be completed at some point.
Jesse: 3K3 = 3072 bytes 3?
Scott: It's come along way since then Kevin. a looong way.
TheGraphicsMan: When I see at the fest I'm gonna TKO you little man (K3V). ;)
Songbird: I would even consider licensing it out if someone with the skills wanted to put some serious effort into it.
Addie: What exactly does virtual vcs contain - or is going to contain?
K3V: OOoooh! I'm scared, Mr Graphics Man! ;-)
Songbird: I will likely have a demo at CGE2K, maybe I can even send a flash cart to Jf2K.
Scott: We're all skillless.
TheGraphicsMan: I know K3V. :)
Songbird: VVCS is a 2600 emulator for the Jaguar. The biggest obstacle to the entire concept is getting royalty-free 2600 bins to include.
TheGraphicsMan: you will be at the fest! ;)
Jesse: Hmm... you say you have no time for it now... Are you going to finish PW3D and UV first? what else?
Songbird: Or at least royalty-cheap bins...
Scott: That would be cool Carl. There is going to be a lot of new things to show at this years Fest.
Addie: What are the chances of that? Every 2600 game?
Songbird: Getting the current Jag games published is top priority. Next will be finishing up Cybervirus on the Lynx and publishing another unannounced Lynx game.
Songbird: BTW, anyone here live in Ohio?
Mezmaron: Would it be possible to have the emulator cartridge be able to access the JagCD? Scott: Will you be porting PW3D to any other handhelds?
Addie: I live in Columbus, Ohio
JaguarGod: Cleveland, Ohio
Songbird: The best prospect for VVCS would be to include some of the recent homebrew games, then include some sort of download support like BJL to load new ROMs.
TheGraphicsMan: K3V you think you can just beta test every darn game for the Jag. Well Mr. K3V, that's the end of your beta testing career...
Songbird: I'm near Cleveland as I type this... on a business trip.
JaguarGod: Going Where Carl?
Songbird: Yes, it's true, Kevin is now on the blacklist for beta testing.
Yea, I never really liked K3V's reviews anyway, you tell 'em Graphics Man.
Addie: Go Browns (next year)
Songbird: Going nowhere until my flight leaves later this week to take me home. ;-)
TheGraphicsMan: haha... it's over K3V; it's over...
Scott: Sorry to hear that Carl. Wipe your feet before getting on the plane.
JaguarGod: Where at in Cleveland East or west side
Songbird: An hour south of Cleveland.
Scott: must be that cheap cable modem.
Jagman: yeah
Songbird: So we can all pick on Kev and he can't defend himself?
well: I am off, I hope I don't miss any cool news
JaguarGod: Must be somewhere near Canton or Mansfield. Will HyperForce ship when you get back?
Scott: are you checking your email from there Carl? yahoo account or the other one?
Jagman: yes, hahaha
Jagman: later
Songbird: Just checked email now on Yahoo.
Songbird: I can only check sporadically over the next few days, so is the surest way to eventually reach me.
Songbird:Yes, HF should start shipping next week sometime. Sorry for the delay.
JaguarGod:Aslo, thanks Carl for the Hard work on all the Jaguar games!!!
Songbird: Scott, have you emailed recently? I won't see it for a few days if so.
Songbird: Thanks, Jason!
JaguarGod: I'm sure HF is worth the wait!!
Scott: No, tried to call once. I'll send an email later tonight.
freds: carl, what are your next Jaguar projects
Scott: HF is a great game. Very addicting.
Scott: Carl is porting Area51 from the co-jag to the Jaguar right Carl?
Songbird: I think people will be pleased with HF. It's a nice twist on the platformer concept.
2Songbird: Nah, that's already running on my cell phone.
freds: carl,what about the server games, can you put them all on a cart?
Songbird: I don't think anyone could ever do that. ;-)
Songbird: Well, I'm going to get off shortly... I do have to get up in the morning.
freds: Native are you working on this jaguar game?
Scott, do you want my phone number to call here, or will you just send an email?
ETHunter: I'm going to bed now. Have a safe flight back Carl
Scott: I'll email you.
Songbird: Thanks for a fun chat, guys!
JaguarGod: Good luck Carl on your flight back, and again, thanks for prolonging the Life of the Jag and Lynx
Scott: Bye everyone.
Marshall: Has anyone heard anything about the Assassin?
TheGraphicsMan: not me
Marshall: Bye Carl!
JaguarGod: Have not checked the Assassin Page in a while
Jagman: Scott said something about that last JFPN chat..
TheGraphicsMan: not melater Scott
Marshall: Man, I should have asked earlier... Do you remember any of it?
JaguarGod: Where is JagFest 2000 being held? I have been away a while!
TheGraphicsMan: texas
Jagman: I think its still going well...
TheGraphicsMan: check JD for the details on the Jagfest.
JaguarGod: I would love to go, but my wife and kids would have to go.
TheGraphicsMan: Marshall are you going to the fest?
JaguarGod: Not that it is a bad thing, but I would rather go myself!
TheGraphicsMan: Well, it's clubing time for me. :) TheGraphicsMan: LEGION FORCE JIDAI will be a Metal Slug like game for the Jag. later all
Jagman: awesome! bye...
Marshall: I will if I can. As usual it's a combination of money and time constraints,,,
Marshall: See you all later ;)