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JFPN Chat, 8/30/99:

Kevin Manne, Jagman (Mike Dolce), Phal-N, Carl Forhan, Rocky, Davey, The Ultimate Atarian, Rogmeister, Addie, Steve, The Graphics Man, Scott, Dan @ Atari Video Club, Hysteria, Brad, Garv, `cuda man, Atarian Sun, and more

K3V> I'm inviting a bunch of people.
Phal-N> there aren't any gals.
Jagman> I am going to record this meeting from JFPN ok?
K3V> Switching to IRC mode....
Phal-N> IRC mode definitely
Carl> I have no problem with that.
11915210> Just for the record I woudl liek to thank each of you.for being profesional and curtious durin the past week. I will never ever sell another thing like that on ebay again. Ill come directly to you people.
Phal-N> Thanks JDH... :)
Carl> So 119... is JDH?
K3V> Yep, that's him.
K3V> Good deal!
11915210> Sorry I havt changed that! oops
Phal-N> The whole thing pissed me off too, JDH... At least you know who you can talk to.
Jagman> hey rock
Rocky> so whats the big newz jagman, that kev bot the game?
Rocky> hey jagman
theUA> From the depths of Cyberspace, the UA arrives.
Jagman> nope
Phal-N> From the creamy goodness of the Heartland comes Phal-N.
K3V> That Skyhammer will be here!
11915210> Well Live and learn right?
Phal-N> @ JDH
K3V> Indeed, JDH.
Phal-N> Scott :)
K3V> Woo! IT's a full house :-)
Davey> Oh man, there's a lot of people here tonight!
K3V> Scott's the man!
11915210> BRB
Carl> This is quite a little group we have going tonight....
The Graphic Man> Hello, everyone.
Jagman> so can you say anyhting about this "invention"?
Davey> Hey everybody!
K3V> hahaha! I invited everone on mySup Davey-Dave?
Rocky> hey
K3V> That got all messed up ;-)
Davey> Heya Rock!
11915210> Cool Full house!
The Graphic Man> This is the biggest chat I had so far. :)
Phal-N> Ok guys, I totally flubbed a coffee appointment.
Phal-N> Kev, let me know what goes on, k?
Davey> Kev, after that Brett Hull purchase, you are definitely the new Ultimate Atarian. ;)
Carl> I will defer any encryption questions to Scott. However, I can tell you immediately we won't be discussing the actual implementation at this time.
K3V> Ok dude...I'll keep a transcript for ya.
theUA> hey!!!
Davey> haha! :)
K3V> I am the UA from now on!
Rocky> whats up davey?
Phal-N> I hereby pronounce Kev the new Ultimate Spending Atarian!
theUA> There can be more than one UA.
K3V> hahahahah!
Phal-N> Kev is the USA!
11915210> Indeed!!!
Davey> Long time, Rocky...
Phal-N> USA! USA! USA!
K3V> Oh man...
Davey> UA: You'll have to buy that game from Kev if you want the title back!
Rocky> indeed
K3V> But I won't sell it! Noooo!
Phal-N> For four times the price!
theUA> The title can be shared. There is more than one UA right now.
K3V> Well maybe then...
K3V> hahah! Glad we have your approval ;-0
Rocky> so whats the news jagman?
Phal-N> I am the Not-So-Ultimate-But-Kind-Of-Cool Atarian!
Jagman> that scott broke the encryption somehow...
K3V> That's an excellent title for you.
Jagman> and Skyhammer will be released in December
Carl> So, do we have some questions or feedback on the announcement? Was it worth the 3-2-1 countdown?
Phal-N> Scott used duct tape, man.
K3V> Jaggy christmas, here I come...
theUA> Sure was, Carl.
Jagman> haha
Phal-N> Carl, you are the man. You too Scott!
Rocky> awesome news
Davey> Ah, I know who Phal-N is now! Hey, FA!
11915210> I would say so Carl, very exciting.
K3V> Oh yeah! That's super-sweet news.
Phal-N> hehe
theUA> Welcome Rogemeister.
K3V> Greetz, Rog.
Scott> elbow grease, duck tape, and lots of coffee.
K3V> hahaha! Some chewing gum too...
Davey> Welcome to our palace of Jag Chat, Rogmeister.
The Graphic Man> hehe...
Rogmeister> So what's going on?
11915210> However you did it, Im impressed
Phal-N> Ok guys, I'm audi...just gonna hang here.
K3V> Carl, Do you thin 4Play will use the same type of encryption-breaking to get BS out?
Rocky> carl, about how many hours did it take you?
K3V> K gary...
The Graphic Man> It's party time; Now that we can produce carts!
Carl> I can't speak for 4Play.
Jagman> Have you been in contact with 4Play?
11915210> It seems only Thunderbird speaks for 4play anymore.
K3V> That's understandable:-)
Jagman> are they going to use teh same method of encryption?
theUA> No, Scott and Steph speak form time to time...
11915210> Hmm I must have missed them
Scott> The software encryption was not broken, just bypassed. Breaking the encryption is a very difficult problem.
Jagman> Oh, Hm
K3V> And this will not require Jaguar modifications?
theUA> good question...
11915210> A few of the Eproms I have on my desk have Checksums writen on them, would those numbers offer any help at all?
The Graphic Man> YEAH BOY!
Scott> No, the cartridge will contain all that is necessary for an unencrypted game to run.
Carl> No Jaguar mods... these games will work on every Jag.
theUA> cute.
Jagman> any extra costs?
K3V> That's the modifications! Great work!
Scott> Even through the CD adapters cart slot.
Jagman> not that it matters :)
Carl> Is Steve Jacobs in this chat?
Davey> Who is 119etc?
K3V> I requested Steve to add me to his ICQ list but he hasn't...
Carl> Final price for the new carts has not yet been determined.
Rocky> is steve jobs around?
The Graphic Man> That's coOl Scott.
K3V> That's the seller of BHH, Dave.
Davey> Ahh, thanks Kev.
K3V> N/P
Davey> My curiosity has been satisfied. ;)
theUA> Kev, be sure to bring that copy of BHH to JF2K :)
K3V> hahaha! Suprising that an eBay seller is actually a cool guy, I know ;-)
K3V> Nahh, I don't think I'll go to JagFest this year ;-)
Jagman> lol
Rogmeister> Hey, I sell things at Ebay...
K3V> So do I ;-)
theUA> that's cold :)
Rogmeister> it?
Carl> Kev, Katie is going to LOAN you the dough?
11915210> I recomend you slap it into a spare Empty cartridge case Kevin.
K3V> Yeah, well some of it...just paid the rent this week so I'm a bit strapped :-)
Scott> Don't get married Kev, that'll all change.
K3V> I already plan on getting a case for it.
11915210> That eprom is delicate, I might see if I have an extra case around here.
K3V> hahahaha!
theUA> sacrifice a cybrmorph cart, Kev :)
K3V> If you could do that, I'd appreciate it...would make for even safer shipping.
Carl> JDH, how about telling us what the other EPROMs are?
11915210> Ill gut my Cybermorph
K3V> I'd prefer to kill a DDV ;-)
Jagman> yeah haha
K3V> Cool! Thanks man!
theUA> Yes... Kill.... kill now....
Rogmeister> I love Cybermorph...well, that Ilia girl anyway..."Where did you learn to fly?"
K3V> I'll have to make up a label of some sort for the cart.
11915210> Honestly Carl? They arent that big of a deal. I only kept silent about them becuase things were getting so begative on JI2.
Hysteria> Hi!
K3V> I'll vouch that they're nothing spectacularWho's Hysteria?
Carl> That doesn't answer the question. =)
The Graphic Man> hello there.
theUA> Another victim enters the couldron...
Carl> Cauldron, isn't it?
Carl> Anyway...
11915210> One of them is an alpha Rayman, there is an Aircars, Ultra vortex the usual stuff....I am working on gettting a few other carts though. Ill deffiantly let you know
Hysteria> I'm on my old PC now. I was just cleaning iup some files, getting ready to sell it soon (hopefully). :)
theUA> Don't be so begative, Carl :)
Carl> How about some questions or comments?
K3V> Cauldron? I'm not familiar...
Hysteria> By the way, that was some great news today, Carl!
The Graphic Man> So how's PROTECTOR coming along, Carl?
Carl> PROTECTOR is shaping up nicely... the bad news of course is that I will have to hold of until Y2K for its release.
Hysteria> Kev: Hysteria is Sal Manfredonia. :>
Carl> I have some more code to write, and about 20 levels to revamp.
K3V> I agree that PROTECTOR is rockin the house ;-)
The Graphic Man> It post on JI2 was the best post I heard in a while. :)
theUA> Good thing Jags are y2k compliant..
K3V> Oh, ok...hey Sal!
11915210> Any plans for cd versions of your games carl?
Carl> =) Scott W. and I thought it was about time to liven things up for the Jag community again. And we have more goodies in the works...
Jagman> yeah protector CD would rule
The Graphic Man> Silence K3V!
K3V> Carl, you always have something going ;-)
Carl> No CD versions, it would be a _ton_ of work (maybe impossible) to convert games from cart to CD format.
theUA> We do need some livening after the BattleSphere/Hasbro fiasco....
Carl> Kevin, have you played the latest Protector I sent you? What are your thoughts on it?
11915210> Becasue of the cd having to have the bios in memory I can understand. It becomes too expensive.
K3V> Well I haven't played it intensely, but I did notice a few things. I wrote some stuff around here somewhere...
Jagman> plus that would be another encryption problem....
Hysteria> More goodies?
Carl> Porting to CD has nothing to do with memory costs. It has to do with a game designed to run _while in the cart_ vs. loading from CD to RAM to run the game.
K3V> There are ducks out in my front lawn. Just thought I'd share that.
Carl> Goodies? What goodies?
11915210> Ah I see.
Hysteria> I don't know, you tell us!
K3V> BRB...
K3V> Actually I have to get offline. It's been fun!
Rocky> okay guys, I gotta jet-erooonie
Rocky> see ya guys
11915210> See ya Kevin
Carl> Bye, Kevin.
Carl> Question for you guys...
11915210> Shoot
Jagman> So carl, have you worked out how the carts are acualy going to be produced?
Carl> Still working out the details.
The Graphic Man> Hey Scott, I will be adding my Praying Mantis to my artwork collection later tonight. ;)
Jagman> do you see that, being a problem at all?
theUA> Whoa- wha happa?
Carl> No. I am getting everything lined up as we speak for cart production.
Carl> Current plans are to have a professionally printed box, full color label, etc.
Jagman> coolness
The Graphic Man> coOl
Hysteria> What price range are you looking at for the new Jag games?
Carl> Nothing has been announced yet on pricing.
Scott> the going game price is $550 just ask Kevin.
The Graphic Man> hehe...
Carl> Scott, no need to be greedy... an even $500 will be fine for each cart.
Hysteria> Carl, is it true you had Cybervirus on display at CGE?
Carl> Guilty as charged, Sal. :-)
Carl> OK, here's my question.
The Graphic Man> So when did you two develop this tag team, Cral & Scott?
Hysteria> In your opinion, how was the game? (That goes for anyone else who saw it at CGE.)
The Graphic Man> I mean Carl
Carl> If I worked hard to get a second Jaguar game before Christmas (probably Soccer Kid), would you buy two new games instead of just one?
Rogmeister> Ditto
11915210> Yes, Depending on the price.
Carl> Cybervirus is cool -- think BattleWheels but with a mission-based game, all on foot.
Jagman> how about HyperForce :)
Hysteria> Carl: Admittedly, money is a bit tight right now, but I would try to buy at least one.
Carl> What about Hyper Force?
Hysteria> Did you see any of Beyond Games' other works?
Jagman> to be relesaed this year
Jagman> yeah redline or something?
Hysteria> I would certainly buy Skyhammer!
Scott> brb
11915210> I make games, I have a budget set aside for this sort of thing. You bring em out and ill buy em. Provided they are my type of game this is....(skyhammer.)
Jagman> You make games?
11915210> Yeah. Im kinda doing design right now. But Ive been working in the industry for a littel over a year now.
Jagman> ah...
11915210> Doing mostly Level Design stuff, for the dreaded Sony Playstaion.
Hysteria> I'm heading out for now. I'll try to be back in a few minutes. If I don't get back to you guys tonight, then have a good night!
11915210> Goodnight!
Jagman> really? thats cool...can you say what company?
The Graphic Man> peace
11915210> Sure , N-space
Jagman> hmm
Carl> Sorry, back now after a delay.
11915210> Gotta run guys Its been cool chatting with you. Ill keep you all updated on anything else I can uncover. See ya!
The Graphic Man> I wonder how James gonna get TA up and running for the Jag CD?
Carl> Bye, JDH.
11915210> See ya Carl
theUA> uggh.... I don't know why I'm constantly booted out...
Carl> Doing a CD game will be tough at best...
Rogmeister> Of course, some of us don't have CD units...
Rogmeister> used to have one but sold it...
The Graphic Man> Well, I do
Rogmeister> Of course, I don't even have as many Jag games as I used to
The Graphic Man> I and it's staying. :)
Rogmeister> try getting a few of those games back sometime
Rogmeister> ???
The Graphic Man> So when did you two team up, Carl?
Rogmeister> The room seems to be thinning out...
The Graphic Man> I agree.
Carl> Oh, we've been working together on and off for quite some time. The encryption bypass is a very recent development, however.
Deth Hermit> whoa :P
Carl> Guess there's only so much Jag a single brain can take for one chat, eh? :-)
Rogmeister> rmit? Weren't you a bad guy in Star Wars?
Rogmeister> Let me try that again...
Deth Hermit> :)
Rogmeister> Deth Hermit...weren't you a bad guy in Star Wars?
Rogmeister> Test
Deth Hermit> -ing
theUA> I can take more than muI can fdfasdfI cndkfnqlwknf;kjfqjwfbdqwgfI can take more than my daily Jaguar allowance, but that pesky school gets in the way :)
Rogmeister> Just trying my various typefaces...
Rogmeister> What's that "Emote" do?
theUA> My guess is that the group game, even though it's still in planning stages, will be a bit easier to complete...
Deth Hermit> dumb shit
Rogmeister> I love d*** s***
Deth Hermit> Deth Hermit picks his nose
Rogmeister> lol
Rogmeister> I am now Mr. Big
Carl> Any more actual Jaguar related questions for the chat?
Jagman> Hmm...
Rogmeister> I want my Jag games now...
Jagman> is SkyHammer the other game you are going to publish that is a 4MB cart?
Carl> Explain what you're asking...
Rogmeister> Everyone's got quiet all of a sudden...
Carl> What 'other game' do you mean?
Jagman> Sorry that got messed up :)
Jagman> I mean only game
Brad> Is Skyhammer a one or two player game?
Scott> Hi Dan
Dan@AVC> hey scatt
Dan@AVC> scott
Rogmeister> Hey, DapperDan
The Graphic Man> haha..
theUA> I believe it's one-player.
Carl> Somebody is using black text, which doesn't work real well on my black background... could you change your color to non-black, please?
Brad> Skyhammer played great at CGE!
Brad> Better?
Carl> Better!
Rogmeister> Some
Scott> my version of icq turned his text white on the black background
Dan@AVC> I know I'm late whats up with this pass the encrypion
Dan@AVC> excuse the spelling
The Graphic Man> Hey, kill that text size.
Dan@AVC> hey rog
Jagman> let me re-phrase. Are there any other 4MB games other than SkyHammer that are going to be released?
Rogmeister> Hey, DandyDan
Scott> Unencrypted games can now be played on any jaguar.
Jagman> and BS of course
Carl> My other three releases are all 2MB games. I have no information on games I will definitely publish beyond what I've made public.
Dan@AVC> one question: does the jag hve to be modified in to a BJL jag to play
Carl> No mods to the Jag.
Dan@AVC> cool
Carl> Who's 40124809?
theUA> His name isn't registered in ICQ... identify yourself, 40124809
Carl> Brad: glad you enjoyed CGE and Skyhammer. It was a lot of fun to meet so many people.
theUA> It was fun to meet you as well, Carl.
Dan@AVC> carl. did you read my fest'99 reports in the e-zine
Carl> Skyhammer is a one-player 'Descent' style game. It's also sometimes compared to G-Police on the PSX (but I've never seen that game).
Brad> Thanks, but I missed some of Sundays show
Dan@AVC> (off the subject)
Carl> Did I get the ezine, Dan?
Dan@AVC> you get the e-zine off the site
theUA> Carl?
Carl> Here's a fun link for you guys: please visit but only vote once. I'd like to get a tally going for how much interest there is in each game.
Carl> What did you guys think of the JagFest video?
Dan@AVC> another question: what about the games that were made withbjl can these be played on a reg jag now ?
Carl> BTW, the intro and 'cut' scenes were all done on the Jaguar -- I wrote a custom Jag program to display all the graphics and text.
The Graphic Man> Hey Scott, I getting to wrap that title screen tonight; I hope. :)
Brad> Now if I could just get my hands on 'Dactyl Joust
Dan@AVC> ua, come to the october local meeting of AVC I'll be showing it there
Carl> Any game that works on a Jaguar can be published using Scott's invention.
The Graphic Man> I mean I'm getting ready...
Scott> The video is a lot of fun. The videos of the upcoming games are fantastic.
Carl> Of course, BJL games must first be modified to load off of a cartridge.
Dan@AVC> I also reviewed the fest video in the e-zine too
Carl> How many people have seen the clips of Total Carnage and Virtual VCS, and what are your thoughts on them?
Jagman> Total Carnage looks awesome
Hysteria> I haven't seen them yet.
The Graphic Man> I think that the BJL game should come a specail cart for all to play.
Carl> Get this: TC uses the KEYPAD to point your gun in different directions.
The Graphic Man> I seen it, Carl.
Jagman> I believe you can just use the JUGS cart to play all the BJL games
Dan@AVC> I have a feeling scotts invention is like what the superchager is for the 2600
Hysteria> Yankees win! The Yankees win!
Carl> So you have to use 8 keys to get the 8 'standard' joypad directions for your gun, while your joypad simply moves your character.
Jagman> that must be weird, using the keypad
Carl> It is difficult to get used to. Makes me want to build a second controller that maps to the keypad functions...
Dan@AVC> I think that vitrual 2600 would be grat for the jag
Jagman> thats why I noticed on the tape you wernt rotating the gun much
The Graphic Man> Who cares about JUGS. hehe... Not everyone has a computer to upload the games to play them.
Hysteria> Interesting (regarding TC control setup). I don't think it would've gone over too well, though.
Dan@AVC> geat
Jagman> Virtual VCS looked very incompltete
Dan@AVC>great (speeling typos)
Scott> Yea, JUGS is now obsolete.
Carl> It doesn't work the best for an action game. But it does work, I guess.
Phal-N> Wow. Still talking?>
Jagman> I think JUGS is going to be prety cool
Phal-N> Scott: I'm sure to the chagrin of TBird.
Jagman> how is it obsolete?
Carl> VVCS is no more than 40% finished by my estimates -- no sound, no collisions, etc.
Dan@AVC> scott, what is this invention that carl keeps hinting about
The Graphic Man> Not sound like a smart a...
Hysteria> Hmm, The Rock has new music (for those who are watching WWF right now).
Dan@AVC> I don't watch wwf much
Jagman> I prefer ECW
Carl> Any comments on the video feeds of Hyper Force and Soccer Kid from the JagFest tape?
Jagman> Yes
Hysteria> Did 4Play have something to do with the development of JUGS?
Jagman> did you read by Jagfest video thoughts?
The Graphic Man> But everyone can play the game without downloading them now if they get put on a cart.
Jagman> I think Hyperforce looks great!
Dan@AVC> again refer to my reviews in the e-zine.
Jagman> nice big sprites...decent graphics..
Hysteria> I thought Hyper Force looked pretty cool. Better than I thought it would, from the way some people described it.
The Graphic Man> So what's every plan on getting this year for the Jag between SKYHAMMER & BS?
Hysteria> There aren't many games like Hyper Force on the Jaguar, or any of the modern systems for that matter.
Brad> Thanks again guys! 'night 'night!
Jagman> I know, I love old 32D style sidescrollers.
Jagman> I mean 2D
Phal-N> I look
Phal-N> Darn.
Hysteria> Jagman: Wow, they have 32D games already?
Jagman> lol, yeah man!
Jagman> only I have them though, and you cant have any
Carl> Hyper Force reminds me in some ways of Mega-man, except not as many bosses.
theUA> TGM: Well, Skyhamer will be released for Xmas- as for Sphere, we'll just need to wait a bit longer.
Dan@AVC> I've been thinking of holding a roundtable confrence some time in october (similar to the Dateline Atari rtc's that was on genie)
Jagman> is genie still around?
Dan@AVC> if your intersted please let me know
Carl> Soccer Kid is a fun platformer, certainly on par with other Jag platformer (Rayman is better graphics, of course).
Dan@AVC> it won't be on genie
Jagman> Yeah Soccer Kid was pretty cool on 3DO
Jagman> kinda hard though
Phal-N> Deth Hermit's in here? Whoa.
Phal-N> DH's my roommate.
Dan@AVC> the confrence will be a Q & A sesion I'm going to see if I get 4-play first
Dan@AVC> to attend if not carl and scott will be my second choice
Scott> now we know where we stand Carl
Scott> Welcom James.
Phal-N> Garv :)
Jagman> hey james
Jagman> Hm
Scott> finally made it.
Scott> Get rid of the D*** macintosh.
Phal-N> I just got back from coffee.
Jagman> Hmm coffee sounds good about now
Garv> Hey guys.
Garv> Hey Scott, you trying to say something?
Phal-N> Moo.
Dan@AVC> ok, back to the invention what is it?
Dan@AVC> hey garv
Scott> Hey James, just saying hey.
Carl> Garv: You're writing in black text, eh?
Phal-N> A miniature shrew inside a miniaturized hamster wheels affixed to the Jaguar.
Phal-N> I can see Garv's text
Dan@AVC> no he's writing in small print
Carl> Are you back from Japan now?
Garv> Carl,'s red on my end.
Hysteria> I see it as black!
Carl> Cool Jaguar game survey link:
Jagman> its black, yep
Scott> I see it as white.
Garv> Carl, yeah...I'm back from the "Land Of the Rising Sun".
Garv> Hmmmm...
Carl> It is black text, but must be interpreted different on the Mac. ;-)
Jagman> yep, I remember that prob
Carl> I see it as a shower of pink roses...
Scott> I tell ya James, get rid of that mac.
The Graphic Man> hehe...
Phal-N> i want Soccer Kid, Skyhammer, Protector, Hyper Force, Battlesphere, The Assassin, and all other releases.
Garv> How's this?
Scott> Now bump up the point size.
Garv> Scott, you guys should get a Mac. Heh, heh.
Jagman> and Gorf...Woo
Dan@AVC>scott, (or carl) tell me what this invention is for the jag that bypass the encryption
Phal-N> I haven't heard from the Gorf ppl in a loooong timeabout their progress.
Scott> It is some additional hardware in the cart that gets around the encryption process.
Jagman> go to the page
Hysteria> Yeah, I wonder how Gorf 2000 is coming along?
Phal-N> URL?
Scott> Gorf is still being worked on.
Garv> Gary, I saw Steve on this morning.
The Graphic Man> yes go to my page!
Phal-N> How about this Band in the Box that supposedly was working on some games?
Scott> I've been talking with him lately too.
Hysteria> Will Gorf 2000 be officially licensed?
Jagman> who is this Band in the Box?
Phal-N> hehe @ Graphic MAn. You're the Gorf dude. Ok.
Deth Hermit> dude.. Jag.. that's one screwy lookin page...
Jagman> its Graphicman's
The Graphic Man> I'm one of the GORF dudes.
Jagman> hey Cuda
Phal-N> Band in the Box is supposedly working on a couple of games. What I'd love to see is a Bomberman clone. I'd pay a TON for it.
Dan@AVC> how about a lttle more information on it: will we still need a bjl to make games or will cart be similar to 4-plays JUGS
`cuda man> Hey Everyone!
Dan@AVC> hey cuda
Jagman> or find the finished B-man and publish it
Phal-N> Some company called Genetic Fantasia was supposedly working on a Bomberman Clone but it got swept under.
Dan@AVC> that part I know
Dan@AVC> but what if you want to write games
`cuda man> The news about Skyhammer is the best I`ve heard this week.
Scott> IThe new games will work on a standard jag.
Carl> I'm very pleased to be able to bring such an excellent game to the Jaguar.
Carl> It would have been a shame to not have any new releases in 1999...
Phal-N> Carl: Thanks for all the hard work you're doing :)
Scott> JUGS is just a little program inside of BS to download bjl games into ram.
Hysteria> I think the guy who was doing Jaguar Bomberman is the same guy who works for Digital Eclipse, that did the Game Boy version of Yars' Revenge.
Carl> My pleasure. =)
Jagman> then why does Tbird say it will be relased a little after BS?
Phal-N> Perhaps he still is in posession of the code but isn't working on it anymore?
Carl> Because it will be an easter egg, I imagine...
Jagman> ah...
Carl> Everybody please vote once at for new Jaguar games.
Scott> 31 votes an climbing
The Graphic Man> Hey James, How TA coming along?
Phal-N> I voted :)
Dan@AVC> I voted
Garv> Terance, it's slow until I get a new PC.
Phal-N> More people need to be interested in Soccer Kid dammit. I want Soccer Kid :P
Jagman> I can't wait for the Assassin..
Hysteria> Well, I'm off for now. Have a good night!
Phal-N> Night Sal :)
Jagman> hehe
Dan@AVC> james: anyword on plans for JF2K
Scott> James, dump the mac, the windoze, and get linux.
Garv> Dan, Tim and I are going to have a meeting on Monday to discuss it.
`cuda man> I voted
Dan@AVC> cool
Garv> We'll let everyone know what we come up with. I'm most concerned about a date.
Carl> One topic to consider for JF2K: merge with CGE. CGE was such a fantastic event, and there were a _lot_ of Jaguar fans present...
Dan@AVC> just give enough info so I could put it in the fanzine
Carl> Of course, any merger would be subject to John and Keita first...
Addie> Carl, I know you have your plate full-were you once thinking of working on a Jaqg sequel?
Scott> What and be in a room full of pinball machines?
Carl> What do you mean by sequel?
Garv> Travel is the key to the whole thing. Lugging equipment this summer is going to be tough, because I'm going back to Japan to see my fiance.
Phal-N> It's an idea, but I have to consider my proximity to the location. Austin I can do, Las Vegas I _might_ be able to.
Carl> Hah! There weren't THAT many pinball machines... I just happened to be close to the one or two that were present.
Addie> Sorry a Doom sequel...
Carl> The DOOM+ project is on hold while I do everything else. Don't expect an update on it for 6+ months...
Jagman> Hey Brion, any plans to move the site?
`cuda man> CGE and JagFest sounded like alot of fun.
Dan@AVC> speaking of jagfest: 14 people voted to have a comiitte for jagfest (after jf2k)
Scott> But there will be some nice new features in DOOM+
Atarian Sun> Hi everyone!
Jagman> doesn't seem like ti will be up for a while
Addie> That is understandable with everything you have going- are you still interested in doing it some day?
`cuda man> Hi Atarian Sun
Phal-N> I think old FPS games should come with a choic
Carl> People who want to be on a committee need to first commit to a LOT of work... =)
Dan@AVC> if it does land in vegas after the next one trasnportation would be a major problem
Atarian Sun> I don't have any plans to move it yet, I'm going to give some more time.
Phal-N> of Wolf 3-D had where you could be a barney hunter, and stuff.
Dan@AVC> buses are free in las vegas
Carl> They need a new ATX motherboard, which looks like it would cost under $50.
Jagman> busted their motherboard
Jagman> inthe gem it might be a while
Carl> One more time for the newcomers: be sure to vote on: for upcoming Jaguar games.
Dan@AVC> I did
Phal-N> Vote Soccer Kid too!
Jagman> hehe
Phal-N> Or I'll come over to your house and make you watch Jane Fonda workout videos all night!
Atarian Sun> I've been keeping up with the news, howlong can it possibly take to change a mother board?
Garv> Well, we're working on getting some transportation to and fro the hotel. That should make everyone's life easier.
Deth Hermit> <-- watches Jane Fonda religiously...
Dan@AVC> I voted for skyhammer
Phal-N> Vote all 6 ;)
Jagman> well they have to buy another one, and like rich said, its only a hobby....hopefully it will be fixed soon though
Phal-N> Another vote for Soccer Kid. :)
Phal-N> Vote Soccer Kid, and i'll clean your bathroom!
Addie> CaWas the encryption breakthrough a surprise or just a part of a long process?
Scott> both.
Jagman> Anybody here played Soccer Kid?
Jagman> for anyhting?
Phal-N> Kev did and thought it rulked
Phal-N> ruled
Jagman> I used to ahve teh 3DO one
Phal-N> He has it on the it right after Carl got the rights so he could see what it was like.
Atarian Sun> My site's gotten so big, it will take a while to move it. Right now, I'm just planning for a big update when it comes back.
Phal-N> Thank you Soccer Kid supporters!
Jagman> I think there is a SNES one called Marico's something or other
`cuda man> Can`t we see about moving JagFest a little closer South:)
Deth Hermit> what.. it's not gonna be in Austin anymore?
Phal-N> Vote Soccer Kid - he never inhaled.
Carl> I've played Soccer Kid on the Jag. ;-)
Addie> Can the encryption solution be repeated on the other games very easily?
Deth Hermit> ah... can see how much I've been payin attention eh? :P
Phal-N> Carl, what do you think of the game so far?
Phal-N> I'm actually excited about that game as much as the others.
Deth Hermit> <--- encrypts his solution repeatedly :P
Carl> Yes, all the games can bypass encryption using the same technique.
Deth Hermit> Those'd work for me Dan :P
Carl> Soccer Kid is a decent platformer. Rayman has the more attractive visuals, but Soccer Kid has some fun quirks, like all the different ways you can take out enemies.
Phal-N> Gurnee is a possibility but hotels are outrageously expensive in that area, aren't they?
Addie> Excellent-what a breakthrough! I was beginning to think it would never be solved.
Phal-N> I like the quirks. Quirks are good.
Phal-N> Deth lives about 10 feet from me in my apartment.
Phal-N> In Atlanta.
Deth Hermit> I'm originally from St. Louis area... east about 30 min... so I could visit my parents and friensd
Deth Hermit> -sd +ds
Scott> Good night everyone. Start saving for Skyhammer.
Deth Hermit> cya Scott
Carl> Soccer Kid also has some bosses to take out...
Jagman> later scott
Carl> Bye, Scott! Thanks for joining us.
Phal-N> Night, Scott. Thanks again for being the electrical genius you are!
Steve> This looks a lot like mIRC!
Garv> See ya, Scott.
Addie> Is that the conclusion of the Skyhammer talk?
Steve> Scott, Way To Go.
Carl> I do need to take off as well. It's been over an hour on the chat for me...
theUA> I hate phasing in and out of here.
Carl> Any final questions?
Steve> Carl...
Phal-N> One from me
Jagman> me too
theUA> Will you always keep us on our toes? :)
Phal-N> Do you think you'll release all three games, or only two out of the three?
Steve> Did you discuss anything about whether or not the encryption issue is now resolved for BS?
Phal-N> (all three, please....!!)
`cuda man> Atlanta sounds good. Not too far from East Tennessee
Deth Hermit> does a spotted leopard sleep well at night? or does the woodpecker keep him up by whispering sweet nothings in it's ear?
Deth Hermit> how's THAT for a question?
Jagman> Will atari logos and stuff have to be removed from the game( if its even possible) ..
Atarian Sun> Carl, this has probably been asked already, but will you ever be able to share how the encryption bypass is done?
Jagman> once we get our carts we can rip open the cart and see :)
Carl> I plan on releasing every game I have rights to, unless there's no demand for it. (or not sufficient demand)
Phal-N> <---- Vote Soccer Kid or I'll steal your lunch money.
Carl> I can't speak for 4Play and how they will encrypt BS.
Addie> see everyone later
`cuda man> Sorry I`m already broke
`cuda man> Take care Addie
Phal-N> I'm dedicated to the Soccer Kid cause, Carl. I must bring word to the masses for that who is Soccer Kid.
Carl> The bypass is Scott's invention, so I have to defer to him on any questions about the details.
B> But is your method possible for them? If it's possible, would you or Scott permit it?
Carl> It is possible to encrypt any Jaguar cart game using Scott's invention. Or I should say, possible to bypass encryption.
Carl> I need to go. Talk to you guys later!
Jagman> yeah I want that blasted BS to be released this yuear
Steve> Bye Carl. Thanks a bunch.
Jagman> ok seeya Carl,
Phal-N> Night Carl!
theUA> thanks Carl.
Garv> See ya, Carl.
Deth Hermit> Cya Carl
`cuda man> Thanks Carl
Phal-N> There needs to be a game about cheese someday.
Deth Hermit> I still think there needs to be a "Spork Monger" game
Steve> OK Guys. Sorry I'm jumping in so late. Was any thing new (ie, not on JI2) stated concerning the encryption solution?
Phal-N> Yes, Steve.
`cuda man> Yeah I`ve got to go. Take care everyone!
Atarian Sun> I guess I missed a good chat.
Deth Hermit> cya Dan... Cuda
Steve> Damn. I spent 45 minutes dl'ing ICQ, and got here just in time for goodbyes!
Phal-N> By simultaneously typing to small midgets together against the Jaguar's power supply, they were able to fry the circuitry that prevented encryption to be bypassed.
The Graphic Man> later all.
Garv> Okay, I guess I gotta go also.
Deth Hermit> cya TGM
theUA> Now, I've got to increase my Atari Expansion Fund...
Phal-N> g @ steve
The Graphic Man> later DH
theUA> Bye, TGM.
Phal-N> Later guys... :)
Steve> Wow. That sounds very cool, Phal'n! Will it still work if they demand to be called little people!
Phal-N> Really, not much else wasrevealed, Steve.
Steve> Oh well. Maybe someday we'll know.
Deth Hermit> me outtie 2
Deth Hermit> hasta peepers
theUA> Hi ho the deeryo, the cheeses stand alone :)
Steve> Later all.
Atarian Sun> It seems like I just got here, and everyone cleared out. :-(
theUA> Sorry, Sun.
Jagman> later
Jagman> I know, you wernt on earlier when it started
theUA> Later Jagman.
Atarian Sun> That's okay. If I had known, I would have been here sooner.
Atarian Sun> I guess I'm outta here too.
Atarian Sun> Bye Jagman, UA.
theUA> Bye, Sun.
theUA> And then there were two...
heUA> Gusee I should work on my movie some more...
Jagman> goodnight
theUA> night.
Jagman> trying to copy the chat, having a hard time, heh
theUA> All right.... All right... I'll leave first.