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Developer of Towers 2 Gives in-depth Details of Title, Part 2 (11/22/1996):

1. Approximately how many different wall textures are there?

There are three groups of wall textures. There are appx 30 different bitmap images for the walls and doors. Appx 7 more bitmaps for the floor and ceilings.

2. Are the torch textures on the walls animated?

Yes they are.

3. Are there any cool cheats?

Of course. We had to hide something. :)

4. Are there environmental sound effects or in-game music?

There is music playing thoughout the game. And loads of sound effects. Doors opening and closing, your footsteps, other monster's footsteps, etc...

5. Does each creature have its own unique sound effect?

No not each of them, but many of them do. Some have heavy footsteps, some light, some are silent, some fly...

6. Does each creature have its own unique behavior?

All behavior is set by a group of conditions. Speed, moral, mood, etc.. Example, if you hit someone enough, they might run based on their moral, some won't run at all.

7. Are creatures actived by seeing the player, or just proximity?

They have to see you to become aggressive, which means you can sneak up behind them.

8. Do non-activated creatures sit still or roam?

It depends on the character. Some stand guard at thier post untill disturbed, some wander around, and some are friendly.

9. Can creatures hurt each other with stray shots?

Yes, they can; just like you can hurt yourself with yours.

10. Can creature corpses be moved or affected in any way?

No they cannot be moved. But you can search them for stuff.

11. Is the graphics engine strictly Wolfenstein 3D-ish (but with textured floors and ceilings)?

There are also textured pits in the floor and ceiling, reaching to the next levels.

12. What's the best/worst/average frame rate?

Appx 12 FPS. In between the speed of AvP and Doom for the Jaguar. There are a couple of slow downs but, they are very minor, and only in a couple of areas.

13. Is there a "run" button?

No, RUN button per se. But you do move pretty quickly through the tower. Unless you are hungry or something.

14. Are there environmental hazards (teleports, fire, ice, spikes, etc...)?

Yes, teleports, triggers, pits, etc..

15. Are there any hidden player stats, like reputation or alignment?

No, there is no rep or alignment. All the stats are shown. Depending what character you choose will determine the max of your stats, and how much you increase per level.

Vince Valenti,
JV Games