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Interview with Band in the Box Entertainment (7/16/1998):

JFPN: Could you tell us a little about yourselves and your new game company?

BITBE: Well, we're based in Nashville, TN, we consist of about 3 people, possibly 4 people.

JFPN: What type of background do you have in the game industry? Anything in programming or...?

BITBE: We're very experienced in game programming/developing, but we never worked on any games that have been published.

JFPN: To what level of programming were you educated?

BITBE: I started programming when i was only 8 (qbasic) then at age 11 i started vb then at age 13 i started c\c++ the game lang. (keep in mind i have read 3 books averaging 1300 pages and am also a very fast learner. Keep in mind i fully know 3dfx).

JFPN: What made you choose the Jaguar to develop on? Will you be working with other platforms also?

BITBE: We chose the Jaguar cause we all thought it was a great system that got a bad wrap and treated unfarily and we're also developing on playstation, pc, and possibly dreamcast.

JFPN: What projects are you working on initially?

BITBE: were working on 3 projects right now:       - S.A.I. Core, which is a Command & Conquer type game.
      - Gunfight Max, which is a shooter.
      - and a third game which is a 1st person shooter.

JFPN: Any time schedule on these games or is it too early to give any estimates regarding dates?

BITBE: Too early to give estimated dates, but look for late this year,and early next year.

JFPN: How far are these games into development approximately (if at all) on a percentage scale at this point?

BITBE: about 30%

JFPN: How will you go about actually making these games hit the market once they are completed. Will you try to have a third party publish them or will you attempt to do it in house? As far as the manufacturing and publishing process.....

BITBE: We have the capibilities to manufacture them in-house. We will third party publish them.

JFPN: What types of sales do you forsee for these games?

BITBE: Average if not better.

JFPN: Any numbers as far as forecasted sales?

BITBE: Not as of yet cause we really dont know the number of Jaguar buyers as of yet, but we know the numbers are fairly substantial.

JFPN: Is there anything you would like to add regarding your games you are working on? Anything you would like to tell the Jaguar Community about yourselves that I have missed?

BITBE: Not really, but we'll keep you informed as time goes on.

JFPN: Alright, thanks for taking the time to do this interview!

BITBE: Your very welcome, keep up the good work Brett.