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  Survey: Jaguar Gamers' Multiratings

Jaguar games Survey, for that other part of the sight we like to call the 'multiratings'. If you would like to see your own ratings and opinions listed over at the multiratings, simply copy and paste the list below into a blank email, and direct it to, along with your email address. For those who aren't creative enough to come up with a catchy callsign, your full name will be useful. If you cower in fear at the thought of giving out your real name, you can give us your nickname instead. If you don't want your email address posted on your page, be sure you let us know in the email you send us. People with similar views might end up wanting to contact each other.. If you don't want this, be sure to tell us.

What to do after the above:

Tack your rating (on a scale of one to ten) next to each game that you have played for more than two minutes. Even if Double Dragon V blows the big one in both the first two minutes and the last ten hours you played it, you don't have the right to knock anything else you couldn't even get past the title screen on. If you feel you haven't played a game enough, simply skip it. Whatever other comments you feel needed can be posted at the end of the list, in whatever length it takes.

Oh, and if you have played Double Dragon V for ten hours.. High-props from us go out to you for that one.

The list:

Air Cars -
Alien Vs. Predator -
Atari Karts -
Attack of the Mutant Penguins -
Baldies (CD) -
Battlemorph (CD) -
Battlesphere -
Battlesphere GOLD -
Blue Lightning (CD) -
Braindead 13 (CD) -
Breakout 2000 -
Brutal Sports Football -
Bubsy in Fractured Fairy Tales -
Cannon Fodder -
Checkered Flag -
Club Drive -
Cybermorph -
Defender 2000 -
Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls -
Dragon's Lair (CD) -
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story -
Evolution Dino Dudes -
Fever Pitch Soccer -
Fight for Life -
Flashback: The Quest for Identity -
Flipout -
Highlander: Last of the Macleods (CD) -
Hoverstrike -
Hoverstrike: Unconquered Lands (CD) -
Hyper Force -
I-War -
International Sensible Soccer -
Iron Soldier -
Iron Soldier 2 Ltd. Edition Cartridge -
Iron Soldier 2 (CD) -
Kasumi Ninja -
Missle Command 3D -
Myst (CD) -
NBA JAM Tournament Edition -
Pinball Fantasies -
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure -
Power Drive Rally -
Primal Rage (CD) -
Protector -
Protector: Special Edition -
Raiden -
Rayman -
Ruiner Pinball -
Skyhammer -
Soccer Kid -
Space Ace (CD) -
Space War 2000 (Unfinished Proto) -
Super Burnout -
Supercross 3D -
Syndicate -
Tempest 2000 -
Theme Park -
Towers II: Plight of the Stargazer -
Troy Aikman NFL Football -
Ultra Vortek -
Val D'Isere Skiing & Snowboarding -
Vid Grid (CD) -
White Men Can't Jump -
Wolfenstein 3D -
World Tour Racing (CD) -
Zero 5 -
Zool 2 -
Zoop -

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