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The Year is 2021.

The world has seen better days. War and pollution have eliminated large segments of the human population and have turned most of the large cities on earth into abandoned wastelands. To allow the survivors to travel between the remaining population centers, special speed bikes have been created to travel at lightning speeds along the highways. Equipped with a spherical force field, these bikes allow the rider precise control during extremely high speeds. This invention started a whole new sport known to some simply as Scorcher. You begin the game at the kids' track, and work your way through the championship until you reach The Spiral, the final race...
In this site, you'll find everything related to Scorcher, the truly-original arcade-styled futuristic racing game, on the Sega Saturn or PC platforms.

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Updates - Site updates. If you frequent this site, check here first.
The Game - Information on the game itself. For the new guy who has no idea what Scorcher is.
Interview - A brief interview with Jesper Kyd - contributor to the game.
Multimedia - Music, game movies, etc.
Game Guide - Tricks for both the PC and Sega Saturn versions of Scorcher.
Links - Other sites related in some way or another to Scorcher.
Credits - Site and original game credits.

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The Demo :

If itching to see what the game is like without having to go through this site (Though I recommend you do), a two-level playable DOS demo is available here. [3.99 mb]

**Note: Requires at least a 60 mhz machine, DOS 5.0 or higher, and 8 mb of RAM. Runs in Windows '95/'98.